Cultural District: Bricolage Production Company Nationally Recognized for Producing Groundbreaking Immersive Theater




Pittsburgh, PA—The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust announces the national recognition of Bricolage Production Company as one of seven companies recently lauded as producing groundbreaking immersive theater throughout the world by  Other companies recognized for work in the immersive field, were Punchdrunk, Dream Think Speak, Fruit for the Apocalypse, Third Rail Productions, Speakeasy Dollhouse and We Players, producing work throughout the world in locations including the UK, Boston, California, New York, Japan, South Korea, Moscow, Australia and Holland.

“The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust is proud of the well-deserved national recognition Bricolage has received,” shared J. Kevin McMahon, President & CEO of the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust.  “Bricolage has enlivened Pittsburgh’s Cultural District with first-rate arts offerings, and the company’s creativity and energy have brought diversity and new audiences to the District.  The Trust will continue to spearhead efforts to help develop, nurture and sustain vibrant, ‘homegrown’ arts activity, whenever it is feasible.”

“We are truly humbled and honored to be in the company of such inspiring artistic organizations,” shared Jeffrey Carpenter, Artistic Director for Bricolage Production Company.  “Bricolage would not even be near such a list without the full support of Kevin McMahon, Veronica Corpuz and the entire Cultural Trust team. This partnership has enabled us to bring our crazy ideas to life, and we owe a lot to their vision and willingness to share resources in support of our creative insanity. A big thanks too, to Paul Organisak! Working with Teatro de los Sentidos in the Trust’s 2008 International Festival of Firsts galvanized and inspired a long-time dream for us, one that will ripple out for decades to come!”

For more than 50 years, Backstage has been the most trusted place for actors to find career advice and casting information.  Established in December 1960 by Ira Eaker and Allen Zwerdling, Backstage is the trusted industry source where actors, singers and dancers can connect with the greater performing arts community. The article that recognizes Bricolage Production Company for its ground-breaking immersive work was written by K.C. Wright and posted on August 5, 2014.  The article provides the following mention of the Pittsburgh production company:

Bricolage (Pittsburgh, Penn.)
“Bricolage” is defined as “making artful use of what is at hand.” This Pittsburgh-based theater company embraces its name by devising works with location, current events, and audience engagement in mind. Housed in a former Turkish bathhouse, Bricolage recently produced “Ojo,” in which audience members receive their evening’s itinerary from a mock travel agency at the start of the performance, and “STRATA,” an evocative and immersive journey through a “refitnessing center.” 

This is not the first national recognition for Bricolage.  In July/August of 2013, Bricolage graced the cover of  American Theater Magazine, highlighting the 2012 immersive world premiere of STRATA—an urban adventure that required guests to “arrive at a secret destination, make contact with [their] Agent, and embark on a private rite of passage where the choices [they made determined their] destiny.”  OJO, another immersive theater project created by the production company, premiered as part of Pittsburgh Cultural Trust’s annual Dollar Bank Three Rivers Arts Festival and was made possible by the Pittsburgh Foundation’s Investing in Professional Artists residency grant.

About Bricolage Production Company
The mission of Bricolage is to immerse artists and audiences in adventurous theatrical experiences that foster connections and alter perceptions.  The Production Company envisions theater not as a passive experience, but as a vehicle for heightened involvement for artist and audience alike.  The word Bricolage means, “making artful use of what is at hand.” What excites this company is the connection and interaction between seemingly disparate elements, and the potential for these components to resonate as one cohesive event. Bricolage uses the distinctive resources of the Pittsburgh region to create theatrical experiences that stimulate a heightened sense of involvement for the audience.  By combining different artistic mediums, nourishing local talent, producing provocative work, and facilitating audience engagement, Bricolage seeks to revitalize live performance for a new era.

About The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust
The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust has overseen one of Pittsburgh’s most historic transformations: turning a seedy red-light district into a magnet destination for arts lovers, residents, visitors, and business owners. Founded in 1984, the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust is a non-profit arts organization whose mission is the cultural and economic revitalization of a 14-block arts and entertainment/residential neighborhood called the Cultural District. The District is one of the country’s largest land masses “curated” by a single nonprofit arts organization. A major catalytic force in the city, the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust is a unique model of how public-private partnerships can reinvent a city with authenticity, innovation and creativity.  Using the arts as an economic catalyst, the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust has holistically created a world-renowned Cultural District that is revitalizing the city, improving the regional economy and enhancing Pittsburgh’s quality of life. Thanks to the support of foundations, corporations, government agencies and thousands of private citizens, the Trust stands as a national model of urban redevelopment through the arts.

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