Visual Art: All Around Us




April 22 – June 19, 2016 | Wood Street Galleries | 601 Wood Street

Pittsburgh, PA―The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust announces the opening of All Around Us: Installations and Experiences Inspired by Bugs, an exhibition featuring works by Jennifer Angus, Daniel Campos, Garnet Hertz, Ivana Adaime Makac, Robin Meier & Andre Gwerder, Nathan Morehouse, Daniel Zurek& Sebastian Echeverri, Matthijs Munnik, Stephanie Ross, Jeff Shaw, Susana Soares, Bingrui Tang+CMU CREATE Lab.  The exhibition is curated by Ali Momeni.  The exhibit will open on Friday, April 22 and continue through June 19, 2016.  Additionally, the exhibit opening will be part of the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust’s Gallery Crawl taking place on Friday, April 22 and will be on view during the Dollar Bank Three Rivers Arts Festival taking place June 3 through June 12, 2016.

Curator Ali Momeni shares, “This exhibition stands in awe of the quintillions of bugs that have inhabited our planet for millions of years and the complex relationship they maintain with our species.  The works included here transform our tiny cohabitants’ superpowers into human-scale experiences, in an attempt to examine our conflicting relationship with insects.”

Events scheduled for the April 22nd opening include:

Robin Meier and Andre Gwerder
9pm performance
Synchronicity (Thailand) is a video documentation of an experiment where live fireflies are made synchronize their flashes to computer controlled LED’s.  Throughout the video the artists explore the relationship between mathematical models of this complex group behavior and their biological reality in the field.  By influencing living fireflies with computer controlled lights they question the idea of free will and simultaneously transform a machine into a living actor inside a colony of insects.

For the opening of the exhibition, Robin Meier & Ali Momeni will present a musical performance on the theme of synchrony vs synchronicity to accompany the first showing of the video Synchronicity (Thailand) in the US. Guided by two naturally synchronizing pendulums they will join the rhythmic chorus of the fireflies and LED’s.

Cockroach Controlled Mobile Robot
Garnet Hertz
7pm performance
Cockroach Controlled Mobile Robot is an experimental robotic system that translates the bodily movements of a living, organic insect into the physical locomotion of a three-wheeled robot.  Distance sensors at the front of the robot also provide navigation feedback to the cockroach, striving to create a pseudo-intelligent system with the cockroach as the CPU.

For this demonstration, the robot will be operated for approximately 120 minutes.

Live Courtship in Habronattus Jumping Spiders
Nathan Morehouse, Sebastian Echeverri, and Ali Momeni
8pm performance
Habronattus is a diverse and colorful genus of jumping spiders.  They live in the southwestern US, Mexico and into central America.  Like the Australian peacock spiders, male Habronattus try to woo their females with spectacular courtship dances. These dances are made up of different phases containing visual and vibratory elements.

The complex and flamboyant displays of male Habronattus jumping spiders will be filmed in 4k on an architectural stage installed in the gallery, with the streaming footage projected live.

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